Fame as A Writer, an Author, a Perpetual Tourist.

I had my first “celebrity” experience the other day. 
David Castillo Dominici
I was responding to an event invitation and offered to give them one of my books for the door raffle. The response was heartening. “Oh wow” he said, “a real live author coming to our event. Can you sign it please?”
I never expected that.
It made me think about thirty years ago, when my first son was born. I thought he was perfection. I expected everyone to notice and bow down before his glory. (Well maybe not that low) but I was besotted and surprised that everyone else wasn’t under his spell.
But babies are born every day. People get used to it. They admire the newest ones and move on. There is not a lot of glory in being a mother.
I thought having a new book would be the same, only with less sleepless nights and fewer messy nappies.
I expected responses like: A new book? My cousin has a new book. When did you publish it? How big was it? Did it take you long?
Instead I got admiration, and a whole new level of credibility.
I have an invitation to show up at this event in my new role as an author, (what do authors wear?) to speak to people as if I know something (I do, but don’t we all) and to be noticed. (I am not sure I want that)
I don’t know how the event will go, but there is one thing I already love about having a book published.
I can now add a new category to my occupation list.
Every time I travel between New Zealand and Australia, I have to fill in one of those little immigration forms. Sometimes I write that I am a house sitter. Sometime is say I am a writer. Many times I am tempted to write ‘perpetual tourist’ or “wanderer and wonderer.”
Now I can also write ‘author’ if I want to. I hope it impresses the customs staff.

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