Wake Up - Life is Waiting.

I wanted to share the video below because it means something to me. It reminds me so much of my "year that was." The year I got out and did something different and brave.
It started with some some bad things. Divorce, unemployment, loss, even hateful accusations from a man I met online.
It was tough, but it worked out okay. I got up and met the world head on. I had adventures and marvellous experiences and I found out so much about what I was capable of.
I even wrote a book about it and it would have been a pretty boring book without all the drama that felt so bad at the time.
I am facing another bitter challenge just now. This is a good time to remind myself (and my blog friends) that that we create our own lives. Every day brings new possibilities. I can sit and cry, or I can get out and start another chapter in my life.
I hope you like it

I found this video on Timothy Ferris' excellent site, The Four Hour Work week, and shared it from YouTube.

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