What's Not to Like about House Sitting?

House sitting is a rewarding way of life and the financial benefits are huge. Free board, no electricity bills, no phone line costs, no rates, no rent. My living costs while house sitting were around $100 a week.
Then there are the cute pets in most homes. I have looked after big stately dogs, little fluffy dogs, elegant cats, and scruffy moggies. I have also taken care of one miniature horse, several full-sized horses, two cowardly steer, numerous fish, and half a dozen chickens. Having pets in the homes is a bonus. I got to play with them, feed and walk them, and they kept me company.
So what is not to like?
To be honest not much, but there are a few things you might miss if you take the plunge into house sitting.
1.       You can’t have parties
Having a few people over for dinner would probably be fine, but having a large group might not. Anything that might cause undue wear and tear on the house or annoy the neighbours would not be a good idea. Now I am in my own home, I can invite all the family over any time.
2.      You usually can’t go away for the night.
Since the only reason you are there is to occupy the house for the owner, it would probably be a breach of your agreement (even if it is just verbal) to be away overnight. Exceptions might be for a long house sit where the owners have set up a backup for any animals.
3.      You can’t decorate it how you like
You can put some of your own things around of course, but you wouldn’t expect to hang your own pictures, or install your own shelves. I love trialling other people’s lifestyles and seeing their decorating ideas, but I miss the photos of my sons I usually have on the wall.
4.      You won’t have your own garden
While I benefitted from other people’s gardens and enjoyed their fresh vegetables, there is nothing like growing your own. When I knew I was going to be settling down for a while, I got excited about having my own garden.
In summary, house sitting is a wonderful lifestyle and I love it so much, but there are responsibilities to the job too.
After being a middle level manager for so many years, I think I can live with a few restrictions when the rewards of the lifestyle are so incredible.


  1. House sitting is really benefit if we do some job in our own house. It's wonderful if we can make money right from our home. But everyone could not do this because everyone is not talented like author. It's difficult.

  2. Thanks for the comment tls.
    I love house sitting as a cheap way of life but I acknowledge it isn't for everyone.

  3. As i always wanted to be a House Sitter but i really need your help guys can you please tell me how to be a good house sitter?

  4. Hi Alex
    If you are serious about housesitting there are a few books out now that you can read to give you an idea of how it works. Mine is specifically about House Sitting in Australia but most of the tips in it work for any country. Otherwise you can go to some of the sites I suggest in the appendix. Try
    They have information that might be of interest to you.
    Good luck

  5. Nikki

    I'm so happy to come across your blog and your book about house sitting. I haven't had a chance to purchase it yet but I have definite plans to do so! I started my own house sitting company last Summer in the United States and am still house sitting full time. I am really enjoying it!

    It is nice to see someone else out there like me living the same life style! I look forward to reading more!



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