A Middle-Aged Princess in Tramping Boots

What do hedgehog bushes, a bone in a bed, and a snake in a ceiling all have in common?
The answer?
They are all stories in my new book, A Middle-Aged Princess in Tramping Boots.
My second year house sitting has been just as much fun as the first and just as surprising. I have written about every crazy incident.

There was the family that wanted me to look after 30 wandering goats. There was the trip where we had to keep the car going by using half a dozen empty milk bottles. There was the time I found half a mashed cockroach in one family’s kitchen. There was also the time when I got kicked out of two homes in one day
I had so much fun this second year of house sitting that I had to write it all up and publish it in a new book. There is also more about my transformation from a depressed housewife to an adventurer and explorer, and some helpful tips for those considering house sitting as a lifestyle.
I love my new life and I wish everyone was as happy. I hope you find my stories inspirational and if you do read it, please take a moment to review it on
Writing a book is the easy part.
Spreading the word is hard.
You can find my new book at CreateSpace or on If you live in Australia, you can also buy it from me. Just email me at
The first copies will be here about September 30th.
See you then.


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