Twisted House Cats

There is a reason that cats are so popular online. 

They can be crazy.

This is a picture of our cat “relaxing”.

Traingle Cat

He is adorable and one of the reasons I stopped house sitting. I wanted my own pets.
I had some weird and wonderful experiences with pets, but I missed having my own.

My husband and I have four pets; fat cat, an anxious border collie, and two heritage chickens. At various times, we also have a visiting bush turkey, a goanna, koalas, and a snake.

This picture is a snake hiding in our garage after a huge meal. You may be able to see the huge bulge in his middle. 

Satisfied Snake

At least this time he didn’t come into the house ... or live in the ceiling like he did at one home I stayed at.

Pets (at least the furry kind) are good for our health, and if you don’t have your own, house sitting is a great way to have some pet cuddles with a variety of interesting pets.

During my time house sitting, I looked after two elegant Siamese cats, a cat that could not climb, a three-legged cat, and two cats that would not stay in the same room together.

The dogs were fun too. There was a drooling dog, a nervous dog, three mismatched dogs, and a little dog that bit my finger and cleared out the dog park with her attitude (not backed up with anything by the way).

If you are considering house sitting, meeting new and interesting pets is just one of the many benefits. 

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