Choosing Fabulous Goals for the New Year

It is time to set goals and, unlike some people, I have no problem deciding where to start. My problem is knowing where to stop. I want to go to South America, Greece, Malta and … well, everywhere really.
I want to spend more time travelling, more time on my motorbike, and more time with family. I want to go sailing, and surfing, and hot air ballooning.  
I have fabulous goals because I know that dreams can come true.
Things have changed a lot for me on the last few years.
Four Years ago I started a heavy exercise routine and a detox diet plan that left me twenty kilograms lighter and feeling twenty years younger.
Three years ago I finally got the courage to leave a troubled marriage and I moved out to a home within walking distance of the beach.
Two years ago I began riding a motorbike and started writing seriously. I also started living in other people’s houses for free
Last year I took several two-day motorbike trips across country and travelled to the Great Barrier Reef and north Queensland. I also published a book. Yes, my book is now out in paperback.
Along the way I found love. Real, satisfying, snuggly, warm blanket, life enriching love.
This year it is going to be hard to top that.
But, confidence breeds confidence. One small change in exercise habits led to a change in eating habits, led to an increase in confidence, led me to do things I had been putting off for years.
Step by step. Inch by inch. And it all started with goals.
My goal this year is more of the same. More fabulous goals that are easy and effective.
I plan to:
  • continue to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way
  • Look for ways to be more useful to others
  • Smile more, laugh more, exercise more and eat less (A constant challenge for me)
  • Change what I can, make the best of what I can’t and help others do the same
  • Write another book, keep my blogs going and provide some useful and inspiring information to my readers
A fabulous year starts with fabulous goals. May all your New Year wishes come true. Happy new beginnings everyone and feel free to share your goals. I would love to hear them.


  1. Congratulations on everything...and I hope more great things come your way. I'll have to see if your book is available in the US.

  2. Thanks Stuart.
    The book is printed in the US so it is almost cheaper for you to buy it than for me to get a copy of my own book. International postage is expensive.
    I hope to set up an Australian supplier soon.
    Ordering from the link at the top right of this blog should cost only about $5 for postage within the US. It is also available on Amazon if you have an account there and the kindle version is even cheaper
    Thanks for your kind wishes.


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