Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow

Haha. I am so excited. I have just submitted my book to Amazons Kindle program. The print version will take a little longer but the e-book version is almost ready to go. It will just take another twelve to twenty four hours while they review it and then it will be out for sale.
I can’t wait. Will it look like I expected it to? Will it work the way it did when I tested it for the three hundredth time? Will anyone notice it?
I am so proud of it. There is a wealth of practical information about how to house sit in it and some quite funny stories. I am not the only one that thinks so. Some of the words reviewers have used to describe it are “offbeat”, “original”, “engaging”, and “informative”.
I am excited enough to be singing an Annie song. "Tomorrow, tomorrow."
Here is how I described the book for the kindle version. It sounds good enough to read and at less than $4 for the e-book, it is great value.
Two years ago, Nikki was a well-paid manager for a national childcare organization in New Zealand and managed up to 120 people. Today she is a house sitter in Australia. She does not pay rent or utility bills and lives an adventurous life on a tiny income.
In this book, she shares her amazing story along with the inside secrets of house sitters, such as where to find house sitting positions, what to pack, how to apply for a house sit and much more.
In her engaging and often humorous writing style, she provides an insight into what it is like to look after other people’s homes and pets. She also shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity and following a dream.
If you buy it I hope you love it.


  1. Congratulations. It sounds a fun read. I don't have a Kindle but we can read books on our iPad. Is it available on that?

  2. Oh yes. I only just found out myself a few weeks ago.
    You can easily download the free reader from
    Go back to the sales page (click on my name here or the book picture at the top right of this page) and down the right of the sales page, next to the book description, it says "Read books on your computer or other mobile devices with our FREE Kindle. Reading Apps." Follow that link.
    I have the PC version and it has been great. I now have lots of new books on my computer for just a few dollars each.

    If you have any trouble just email me and I will be happy to share the direct link.

  3. Nikki
    , Your book does sound fun. I'll put it in my kindle but may not get at it until after the holidays. Knitting presents every spare minute for Christmas. :)

    You have a right to be excited and proud. Writing a book is a great accomplishment and you did it. Yay for Nikki.
    Hugs and best wishes.

  4. Hi Manzanita
    Thanks for the kind words of support. I appreciate it.
    It sounds like you have been busy and some lucky people are going to get knitted gifts for Christmas. I am impressed.
    Hugs and best wishes back.

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