"Housesitting in Australia" is out on Kindle. So, why Kindle?

Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know much about Kindle. Now I am a kindle author and my Kindle book is for sale.  
I love “real” books. I love to feel them in my hands, to smell the fresh new paper smell and turn the pages. I love colourful rows on my bookshelf and curling up in the sun with a book in one hand and a snack in the other.
However, I have become a convert. I have downloaded several excellent books using Kindle and read them avidly on my computer. If you know all about Kindle, then maybe this post is not for you. If not, maybe I can persuade you to consider this new option.
What is Kindle and How to get it for Free?
Kindle is the name of a small electronic device dedicated to reading books. I don’t have one and I probably never will, but that doesn’t stop me downloading books to read. supplies a simple and free reader that downloads in seconds. There are versions for the computer, i-pad, blackberry and almost any type of widescreen phone.  You can get one on the Amazon Free Kindle Reader download page
Why bother?
  • Generally, electronic books (e-books) are much cheaper, maybe a quarter to a third of the price of the paperback book. You also do not have to pay for postage. 
  • You can store thousands of books and they don’t take up any physical space. They are easy to carry around on your laptop or reading device. (A huge benefit for a roving house sitter like me)
  • There are over 800,000 kindle books on Amazon. What a huge variety. There are technical books that sell for over $10,000 and a long list of books that are free. There is sure to be something that interests you.
  • When you decide to buy, you can be reading your book within a minute. Once you download the reader from Amazon, all purchases know exactly where to go and are on your chosen reading device within seconds.
I think you might find that handy.
Have fun
p.s. In my next post, I will tell you how to find free books on Amazon.

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