Stick to It

I have a confession to make and an apology.

Some months ago, Kidecals sent me a few samples of their stickers to try. So I tried them. Said I would review them. Then promptly forgot about them.

Then the other day, I threw away my dilapidated, torn and grubby looking phone cover and the “contact me” sticker was still there. It still looked shiny and pretty despite being scratched on, spilled on, wiped, washed, and glued to something that became worn and grubby. So here is my review. They are good. Very good.

I remembered I had some keyboard stickers too. I brought them out and updated my keyboard.
It made me smile.

We need more smiles and we need more beauty. Whether it is in tiny ways, or huge.
Have you seen a sunset lately? Or studied a babies tiny wrinkled fingers? Or just sat and watched a cat play?

No matter what challenges are happening in life, small changes that bring beauty to your life are uplifting to the soul.

Today, I put spent one minute putting stickers on my keyboard and they brought a teeny bit more happiness into my life. What tiny change can you make?

Wishing you smiles of your own today.

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