One Surprising Benefit of House Sitting

My favorite shampoo reminds me of tropical breezes and eating coconuts on the beach in Samoa or sipping juice in Malaysia. It is cruelty free, grey water safe, and comes in a recycled bottle that costs the same as most budget brands. It not only makes my hair smell faintly of fruit salad, but it leaves it soft as well as clean.

You might wonder; how did I find this virtuous and useful product? I found it through house sitting.

I first smelled it when a lady I was staying with used it. I was informed that it was an organic product sold in the small nearby rural township. After lurking in the local organic produce section for several days in a row, asking silly questions such as “do you have any shampoo that smells like banana?” and furtively sniffing all the bottle lids, I finally asked the right person and found it in the local supermarket. And, to my delight, it was one of the cheapest brands.

Since then I have been introduced to dozens of new products as a result of staying in other people’s homes. Without delving too much into people’s personal things, I still learn a lot about them. If their sheets smell lovely, I might take note of what brand washing powder they use. If their can opener is easy to use, I might choose to get one when I settle down.

I get ideas on room set up, wall decorations, storage ideas, and bathroom products.

House sitting is a great way to save money, while doing something helpful for another home owner. It might also introduce you to shinier, healthier hair. You never know.

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