Someone to drum with

We sat under the shade and followed along with the happiest drum teacher I have ever met. Each of us seated around him had an instrument. I had a large authentic looking drum with a well-worn skin cover and what looked like cow fur around the top. My friend had a handful of what looked like hardened leather bells, that jangled as she shook them.

The teacher led us in simple rhythms and chants and I wondered why I didn’t drum more often. It made me incredibly happy and relaxed. My friend said it made her hands sore.
We both had fun and we sparked off each other. She showed me how my drum vibrated with the other drums even when I wasn’t playing it. I tried to push her into the middle when the leader asked for dancers.
It was the Redcliffe Easter festival and it was busy and alive with activities for all ages, and I am so glad I went, but I nearly didn’t. It was only after my friend called for my opinion on a piece of writing that we decided to go together.
The drum teacher’s enthusiasm was infectious. He smiled for non-stop for the half an hour we were there and when we returned three hours later he was still smiling and jollying along another spell-bound group.
He showed us how to beat different patterns and even tried to get us to jump dance. I loved it but if my friend had not phoned, I would have missed it all
My friend is an amazing author and very skilled. I only met her last year, and we started sharing writing this year. Writing is a solitary activity, but having a friend who can critique my writing has been invaluable. Friends and family are often too kind. Only another writer knows how fragile I can be about my writing, and is skilled enough to offer useful suggestions that I will listen to.
Just as I could have sat down with a drum and played it myself, I could continue to write by myself, but I had much more fun with a skilled teacher and a group of other learners who amplified the sound of my own drum and added richness. So it is with having a friend to discuss my work with.
People of other professions naturally share information, skills, and advice with each other. Writers too can benefit from the same strategy.
By sharing my work with her, and also by sharing my opinions on her work, we both will have something better to offer when we share it with the world.
Two heads really are better than one, whether it is writing or drumming.

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