Could You be a House Sitter?

     Two years ago, I was a well-paid manager for a national childcare organization in New Zealand and managed up to 120 people. Today I am a house sitter in Australia. I don't pay rent or utility bills and I live an adventurous life on a tiny income.

     I have an amazing life. I have stayed on an organic health retreat and a hobby farm; in a recently constructed urban ghetto development, a Midwest country town, and several up market homes in inner city Brisbane. I have spent the night in a luxury High Rise overlooking the city and in a pub room that was no better than the back of a stock truck.

This is the story of one year of my adventures, my travels and my discoveries about life and about housesitting."

      Inisde this book you will find helpful tips on working as a house sitter and living on a limited income.

  • Where to find house sitting positions
  • How to apply to impress homeowners
  • How to be a great house sitter
  • What to pack when travelling
  • Ideas for your free time
  • How to have fun on a limited budget
  • Ideas for am income that moves with you
  • And much, much more
     Imagine living a life with no accommodation costs, free phone and free power. This book will show you how.

     My story is proof that dreams can come true at any age. No matter what lemons life throws at you, it is possible to make, not just lemonade, but also a whole range of souffles, cakes and lemon pies. All with cream on the top.

     This year has changed my life. This book might just change yours.
     Contact me now to get advance notice of the books launch date.


  1. Hi Nikki, your book and lifestyle sound great:) Come visit me in Noosa if you're ever zooming up this way on your bike!

  2. Thanks Annabel. I would love to. I will let you know when I get up that way.

  3. Wherever we've traveled in this great land of ours, we've found that people everywhere are about 90% water.

  4. I have been house sitting for over 5 years now, and it's been a fantastic experience. Highly recommend it (although I am now thinking of settling down, it does get a bit hectic moving every few weeks). A good website is


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