HIA - Contents

Housesitting in Australia is chock full of useful advice such as where to find house sitting assignments, how to become a house sitter, how to support yourself while on the move and how to live in style for less money than some people spend on coffee.
In between are the stories of my extraordinary transformation from a regular homemaker to an Australian adventurer. I did it and maybe you can too. Inside you will find the following chapters.

Housesitting in Australia - CONTENTS

The Dream
The Road to Housesitting
The Retreat
Other People’s Homes 
Other People’s Pets 
Who Needs a House Sitter?
Getting Started as a House Sitter
Supporting Yourself
Adventures for Free
The Global Treasure Hunt
Spiders, Birds and Half a Snake
The Little Yellow Motorbike
The Motorbike Rally
On the Road
Trains, Cars and Pushbikes
Packing Light
Ups and Downs
Years End

You can read the first chapter and part of the sixth chapter here.